Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay

You can enjoy the sea, sun and hammock trio in Kabak Bay; However, there are some points you need to see in the vicinity while you are there.

You can also visit the Lycian Way. The Lycian Way is one of the best long-distance walking routes in the world. You can see many ancient cities and new settlements on the road starting from Fethiye. The total length of the track is 535 kilometers. The Lycian Way, which welcomes visitors from many parts of the world, extends to Antalya. You can reach from Babadag to Faralya by following the direction signs on the paths. After Faralya, the route goes down to the clear blue waters of Kabak Bay.

Kabak Bay is one of the stopping points of the Lycian Way and the visitor potential throughout the year is quite high. You can take long walks in Kabak Bay and immortalize it by photographing the beautiful nature formations of the valley. You also have the opportunity to camp in the valley. By camping in Kabak Valley, you can spend peaceful times in nature and create time to explore the valley further.


Kabak Bay is one of the hidden paradises in the Fethiye region. The valley, which is about 16 kilometers east of Oludeniz, is a unique beauty hidden in red pine forests. The valley on the Lycian Way is very interesting due to its virgin nature. Surrounded by steep slopes, the valley has a wonderful beach and there are historical values at every point of the bay. In addition, the streams and waterfalls hidden in the forest have an eye-catching beauty. The untouched nature of the valley allows different animal and plant species to live here. So, how is the bay transportation? How to get to Kabak Bay on the Dalaman road?

“How many km from Dalaman to Kabak Bay?” If you’re wondering, let’s say right away. The distance between Dalaman Airport and Kabak Bay is 80 kilometers, and it is possible to get this distance in as little as 1.5 hours by car. If you do not own a private car, you can consider the option of renting a car in Dalaman.

It is possible to reach Kabak Valley in other ways. Kabak Bay; It is located 33 kilometers from Fethiye, 17 kilometers from Oludeniz and 4 kilometers from Butterfly Valley. You can go to the bay by Faralya minibuses departing from Oludeniz or by a boat you can rent from a nearby bay. There are also minibuses going to Kabak Bay via Fethiye.